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Henrik Brattlie - Analytics and Data Engineering at Avanade

Speech: Green Field digitization - AI in unexpected places

Henrik has been working in the IT-industry for over 15 years in different roles in private and public sectors. He has experience from service management, product development, data engineering and analytics. Over the past years Henrik has focused on bringing value from data and analytics to projects ranging from Industry 4.0 in production companies, to application development in the health sector. He is also very interested in the field of Digital Ethics, the value of embedded analytics and the fight for data democratization. Henrik holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Oslo University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA / OsloMet).

With sensors, data, IoT and AI comes new possibilities. Industries with a strong IT focus and pedigree, have been quick to capitalize on the new technology. New complex solutions have disrupted old operating models and markets. But how complex does the solution need to be to bring value? And are there still business areas and traditional industries where AI hasn’t been introduced? In this talk we’ll discuss how AI and IoT can be of great use in green field industries and look at some examples.


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