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Program Schedule OBDD 2017

Auditoriums and locations: Click on Map here!

Opening Session: "Finn Øien" (08:30-11:45)
T1 CxO Level Track (12:15-15:10)
T2 Datascience/Machinelearning Track (10:15-15:10, starts after pause in opening session)
T3 Compliance/Security Track (12:15-15:10)
T4 Small & Medium Sized Business Track (12:15-13:35)
T5 Blockchain (12:15-13:35)
T6 Internet of Things Track (12:15-15:10)
T7 HR-Studen Track (12:15-13:35)
Closing Session: "Finn Øien" (15:30-16:30)


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