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Alex Moltzau . Associate at KPMG Norway

Speech: 500 days of Artificial Intelligence

Alex is one of the top 50 writers about Artificial Intelligence on Medium, a platform with more than 60 million members. He is a full-time student at the University of Oslo and has the last year been working as a consultant with KPMG International Development Advisory Services. He has a mixed educational background within management, anthropology, political science and computer science with a keen interest in combining knowledge from people social science theory with those working within the development and implementation of technology. He runs a research community called AI Social Research. Additionally he is the head of a working group on climate and sustainability within the digital ethics council NORDE part of the Norwegian Computer Society.

500 days of AI is a personal journey to write one new article every day about artificial intelligence. He is now more than halfway to his goal and will be edging towards 300 days during Oslo Big Data Day. For this speech Alex will be talking about how it is to write every day about AI, and what he has discovered along the way. Alex has read most of the national AI strategies on the planet, and he has been working to combine thoughts about AI with the current climate crisis that we find ourselves in. As such the talk will be about the joys and tribulations of pursuing an understanding of AI.


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