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Claudio Andres Rivera, Director of Bachelor's Programs at RTU Riga Business School

Speech: Developing the future leaders for digital Nordic – The Riga Business School story

Globalization, Artificial Intelligence, Industrial convergence, Sustainability movement …the job market and the society at large in the Nordic countries and elsewhere are disrupted. We are facing an epochal change, a dawn of a new era for job providers and job seekers alike. We need to start equipping future leaders with a new and interdisciplinary set of skills and competences. This requires strong innovation in education. During this keynote, Prof. Claudio Rivera will provide you with the path that RTU Riga Business School (RBS), a premier Business School in Northern Europe, has chosen for its students. Moving beyond traditions, RBS has launched two joint programs with the New York State University at Buffalo and one dual-degree with BI where the focus is on developing the students' brainpower, building their character and learning practical abilities.

Claudio A. Rivera, Ph.D. Educator, Writer, Social Innovator. RTU Riga Business School Associate Professor in Leadership and Director of the University of New York at Buffalo/RBS Bachelor’s Programmes in Business and IT. He is also the Lead of Education for the Foreign Investors Council in Latvia. As such, he is one of the leaders in the design of one of the most significant reforms in Higher Education since the regaining of the independence. Claudio has a long track of experience in public speaking, consulting and research. He has also successfully founded several social ventures connected with education and innovation. As a professor, Claudio has developed several leadership programs and has been teaching in many countries in Europe, Latin America and Africa. He has published extensively, including five books as author and co-author. His main areas of interests are youth development, social entrepreneurship, interdisciplinary education, servant leadership and social innovation.


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