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Mali Hole Skogen - Technology and sustainability director at ICT-Norge

Speech: The importance of big data for sustainable development of cities

The increasing availability of large datasets gives us the opportunity to make analyzes that are crucial to the development of the smart, sustainable and just cities and communities. Nevertheless, we see that policymakers and politicians today make little use of these opportunities today. The lack of big data analyzes as a basis of political decisions is a serious matter especially when it comes to sustainable development. How to change that?

Mali Hole Skogen has worked on sustainability issues throughout her career and has previously led the Cluster for Renewable Technology (OREEC), the organization Hold Norge Rent and several other projects and organizations. She has a strong commitment to digitization and data mining as a tool for the development of smart, sustainable cities, municipalities and communities. In addition to working on sustainability policy, Mali is working on developing a new project portfolio with themes such as mobility and transport, smart buildings, circular economy, procurement of digital solutions for smart communities. Mali holds a master's degree in ecology with a major in mathematics and statistics


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