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Lina Svensberg - Process Leader Entrepreneurship & Commercialization at Compare

Speech: Driving innovation through collaboration

How is a vision about long term transformation translated into real action, while navigating through all the different perspectives and cultures of the organisations involved? Lina invites you to a journey of innovation, complexity and trial and error, and shares how to, step by step, align the perspectives of the different stakeholders, and actually make things happen.

Lina Svensberg, from Compare in Karlstad, Värmland, Sweden, is process leader with focus on entrepreneurship, commercialization and scaling. She is working within DigitalWell Arena, an innovation arena based in Karlstad, aimed at developing digital health services, through collaboration between the public sector, the private sector, the university and the civil society. One of the key factors is to involve the private sector to drive innovation and services that benefit health, since the public sector struggles with lack of resources. The strength of DigitaWell Arena is the combined perspective, knowledge and experience among its stakeholders, and DigitalWell Arena has managed to gather them under a shared vision about boosting creatitviy, innovation and knowledge in the field.


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