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Inga Strümke - Manager at PwC

AI and ethics: Our data driven future

We don't need to worry about a future artificial intelligence going rogue and taking over the world. What  we need to worry about, is how we share data, how we use data, and how we apply our ethics. We can definitely play it right, but the data driven challenges are both subtle and complex.

Inga Strümke received her PhD in particle physics in May 2019, where she researched the application of machine learning methods in beyond Standard Model physics. She has given invited talks and seminars at international conferences and institutions, focusing on the probabilistic interpretation and uncertainty of machine learning output. She is currently working as a manager within machine learning and responsible use of AI at PwC. While we should welcome the possibilities associated with using artificial intelligence in society and the industry, Inga’s message is that we must also be conscious about the possible consequences, and critical about the statistical understanding behind the increased use of machine learning algorithms in decision making.

Inga has written numerous essays and appeared on national radio and television, communicating AI and fundamental physics to the public. She obtained her master’s degree in theoretical physics on thermal quantum field theory from the NTNU in 2012, and has previously worked within IT security and petrophysics.


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