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Ruth Marie Dahl Jensen - Department Manager for Test and Test Management at Computas AS

From raw data to value: How to cut the development cycle from months to days

Why  does it take  “forever” to get a new data source into your data warehouse?  Are you struggling to meet demands for new reports and insights? 

Trends are shifting extremely fast and require adjustments to your business accordingly.  Your Data Warehouse(DWH) is not rigged to handle the swift changes, and it is difficult to ingest data outside your own business domain. 

We will show you how to modernize your DWH without retiring the important business knowledge already embedded. This will enable business decisions based on data not previously considered.


Ruth Marie is department manager for test and test management in Computas. She is experienced as developer, testmanger, scrum master, handling requirements and project manager, in both software development and data warehouse development. Ruth Marie has trough her experience gained a good understanding of the life of data, from produced into a system and processed and used in another.


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