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Martin Berggren Rove, Senior Lawyer at Selmer with expertise within IT/Telecom, IPR & Data Protection Law


Will Key Note at “Oslo Big Data & Analytics Day” 2016 with the topic: “Big Data, Vast opportunities”. The use of Big Data provides vast opportunities – by navigating properly in the sea of information, the potential for increased growth and revenue is significant.

Recently, Big Data has become a megatrend. One reason for this is that new analytical tools and sophisticate...d algorithms continually are improved and makes it possible to extract relevant information from this tremendous amount of data. Big Data enables businesses to make better decisions based on information that already exists in their enterprise systems. Here lies a great potential for cost savings and tremendous opportunities for increased sales and earnings. Therefore, the understanding of such information, and how it can and should be used, should be a key issue for the management of the business, both the executive management and the board.

As in many other areas of business activity, there are also challenges with the use of Big Data. Technically speaking, the information must be extracted and assembled in an appropriate manner, so that it is optimal for use in marketing and other activities. Also, another particular topic that there is focus on is the protection of privacy issues related to the use of Big Data. The Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet) has published its report ""Big Data – protection of privacy principles under pressure".

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Martine Maarud
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