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Ola Risheim, Business Developer at Lumagate.

Ola Risheim, Business Developer at Lumagate.

He is managing Lumagates business insight, IoT and Big Data Analytics. Ola will keynote on Applied Analytics from real Big Data projects.

He focuses on how technology is the backbone for major changes that will occur the next years. He has worked for Lumagate in two years, and is responsible for IoT and Business intelligence. Daily, he advises Lumagates clients at a C-level of how modern IT will be the backbone of innovation. Architecture on a high level, and the understanding of how IT must evolve to be able to provide the business with what they need is on the forefront of his mind.

Ola is a strong believer that Analytics, Machine Learning and IoT will have a huge impact in the future, on all levels. He believes that efficiency, automation and digitalization is about connection trough value chains. The success of an IoT project, is all about providing valuable data to all systems and resources at the right time.

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