Odd Kristian Lambersøy, Vice President @ EVRY Ready for OBDD 2017

KEYNOTE: "Next Generation Customer Services"

At EVRY we are enabling our innovation potential with next generation case solving. Thanks to our skilled agents and world class technology, we are available 24/7 with innovative and high quality support for our clients with Watson cognitive and machine learning technology. «Why do you still spend time on routine work task and standard processes?»

Is responsible for customer service at EVRY Norway where 170 employees take care of  60 000 automated and manual requests from our end users every month. They create world class customer service in a multi-location and multi-lingual environment thru enthusiasm and people empowerment, tight value chain and production management, agile systems and automation programs with help of AI
He have spent 20 years fixing, running and improving end-user support groups in high-tech and fast changing environments.

Odd Kristian will be found at T1 CxO Track at OBDD 2017