LOEK VREDENBERG, Chief Technology Office @ IBM Norway to OBDD 2017

KEYNOTE: "The importance of cognitiv technology in relation to big data analytics"


Loek will talk about Big Data & IBM Watson. He will include IoT and from a strategic perspective cover the importance of cognitive technology in relation to big data analytics. He will also show actual cases being implemented in Norway and abroad.

Loek Vredenberg has a long and extensive career in the IT industry where he has acquired deep technical and leadership experiences on a variety of projects in different industries. Since the start of his professional career in 1985 in IBM The Netherlands Loek has held many different technical positions from programmer/analyst and deep technical roles to enterprise architecture and technical advisor to CxO level executives with clients. Loek combines business, process and technical skills with a passion for a holistic and integrated view of business and IT.

Loek Vredenberg is the CTO for IBM in Norway and part of the Norwegian Leadership. Loek has a long and international history in IBM and experience from development, complex system architectures as well as technical leadership. Loek has worked on many large and complex projects in Norway and abroad during his tenure at IBM. In the role as CTO Loek has the overall responsibility for IBM’s technologies across the different business units and industries. He is currently focussed most around AI and IBM’s Cognitive Computing technologies named Watson as well as industry cloud platforms. Loek contributes with input to the public debate around AI and gives presentations on this theme in many different arenas.

Loek will be found at opening session at OBDD 2017