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How To Extract Business Value From Data Science: It’s All About The Teamwork

By Jack Soat

It’s time for companies to move their data science efforts out of the basement lab and into production applications and strategic decision-making, according to a leading expert on the subject.

Getting in the way is a tendency for companies to silo or sideline their data science efforts; an overabundance of tools that complicates an already complex process; and the lack of an enterprise-wide methodology that would let data scientists work closely with other parts of the business.

To make an impact at the enterprise level, the data science group can’t work in isolation, said Ian Swanson, Oracle vice president of machine learning and artificial intelligence product development, during a presentation at the recent Oracle OpenWorld conference. “In order to do data science right, it has to be a team sport,” said Swanson, former CEO of, which Oracle acquired earlier this year.

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