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OBDD Hackathon Agenda is out


Date and time: Friday,  March 15 (17:00) - Sunday, March 17 (20:00)
Venue: Pier X Venture Hub (Bryggegata 3)
Foods and drinks: Breakfast, Lunch and dinner will be provided

Bring your: 

  • Laptop
  • Chargers
  • Sleeping bag
  • Business Card (if you have)


Team Formation:
Once all ideas are presented, all the participants will get a chance to choose their favourite idea. For an idea to move to next round, there should be at least:

  • a back end developer
  • a UX designer
  • a Business developer and 
  • a front-end developer

If an idea does not get sufficient people, the idea will be dumped and those people and the remaining people may choose another idea or put themselves with other team. A team can have maximum of 8 people.

Once you have a complete team, your team will be given a room to work from and you can start working immediately. There will be mentors from different background throughout the weekend to help you with your project.


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